Friday, June 01, 2007

Mommy Moment

Today was GlamorGirl's last day of homework in Kindergarten and I got teary eyed. I just can't believe that after this summer she is going to go to school for full days. I wonder what next Wednesday, her graduation, is going to be like if I was crying today! Heaven help me, I'm going to need it. She is growing into such a strong sweet little girl. She does have her moments when I look at her and think who is this child but for the most part she is very loving and compassionate.

Today was a nice day and since it was Friday it was very relaxed...which was good for me because my maid of honor surprised me yesterday with a visit she lives 6 hours away. She was here until midnight, I am usually asleep by 9pm but I had some pop with dinner and that helped me stay up. The kids enjoyed having her around she is my age with no kids and has SO much energy. She was making me tired just watching her play with the kids! Not really but she has a lot of energy.

3 comments: said...

Last days of school are memorable, no matter what the grade! I hear ya on tearing up.

Anonymous said...

heack I would have been sobbing... I am such a sentimental smuck... and I am not even preg. Hey did brea get the puppy I drew for her? If so what did she think?

Tonya said...

Yep Brae loved the puppy! But I think she thought you were spending the night as she asked where you were the next morning :)