Friday, June 29, 2007

What day is it!

OH yeah it is FRIDAY!!! It is also J's last day to work this week. This morning we went to the Mall to get his wedding band resized. He has gained 15 lbs since we got married 7 1/2 years ago and the ring was cutting into his finger we figured it was time. This afternoon it was a bit chilly outside so the kids watched a movie and it is movie day anyway so it worked out good. Then Amy came over and we went to Wal-mart and that was a nightmare. First thing on my list was a tub for GlamorGirl's dress up clothes because I had gone through her room yesterday and needed to use the tub they were in for the new baby. I found a thin tub that would slide under her bed but when it came time to get the lid for it there was none to be found. I found an employee and they informed me that another costumer, only 15 minutes earlier, wanted the same tub but they didn't have the lids. I suggested to them that they remove that size tub until the lids (in the next few days as they told me it would take) came in because it is frustrating to find a tub you want but it not have a lid. They ignored me and left them there, stupid people. Then I went to the diaper section to get a shower gift for the baby shower I'm going to tomorrow. The mom uses Luvs and the only size they had were 3 and 4 I was finding the store ridiculous at this point. This is exactly the reason we make a list for about 2 to 3 weeks of things we need from there so we don't have to go all the time. Then I checked out and one of my items rang up wrong and the guy changed it to the right price but didn't take the other price off so I ended up paying way too much for the item. I realized it once I left the store and looked at my receipt so back into that dumb store again to get the money put back on my credit card. I think they should of taken both the charges off since they screwed up and given me the item for free. But whatever. Then once I finally get to the car Amy informs me that Red's sandal had broken at the strap. I was so thankful that I had picked him up some new ones, the ones that broke were smelly and I was sick of smelling his feet after wearing them, so that was a blessing. Amy told me that God must really love me today because he has been testing me big time :)


karin kingkade said...

working at target you learn a lot of things about retail. tubs and lids come together, so if they were out of lids - the next time they would get them is when they got more tubs so really they should have just defected the lidless tubs will never even out. also the luvs are a huge pain...they are changing the packaging so to get rid of the old the issued an online coupon for buy one get one free in the mega pack - i've dealt with a ton of angry mothers on this one...

but the one main thing i've learned shopping at target is not to shop at walmart...they just don't do anything right.

sarahgrace said... just described why I avoid Wal-Mart at all costs. And I DO mean all COSTS. I'd rather have my sanity and have spent a little bit more money than go there.
My thoughts are with you... especially on the "God must really love you, because he's testing you" thought. That's how I'm feeling today...and I'm not even at Wal-Mart.