Friday, June 15, 2007

Only 3 more days...

I really don't know if I will be able to survive. I NEED MY HUBBY. Ok I'm done complaining. This morning Amy came over and took GG and Red to the pool. Monkey didn't want to go. He came with me to get my hair cut. I have before and after pictures but I am too tired/lazy to upload them and show you. Maybe when I have my support system back aka J. I will put pictures up. We bummed around the house most of the afternoon because it was super hot outside. Then it was off to Chuck E Cheese to celebrate Monkey's birthday with his friend Noah before they leave for the summer and head to Hawaii. Their dad is stationed there but their house is here so they come for the school year and then go there for the summer. Tomorrow my dad wants me to go boating with them but I really don't feel up to it. As of right now I have told him we were going to pass but that if I woke up in the morning feeling super good we would come. Please pray for me to make it these last 3 days. I am seriously struggling with the single parent-ness.

Oh yeah and after I updated last night I realized that my baby ticker is in the 2 digits! I am so excited.

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sarahgrace said...

Yay for 2 digits... too bad it's not 3 days till your due date though...that would mean I would already be done. *wink, wink*
Hang in there! I know it's rough being a single parent for any amount of time.