Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finally a Post!

Well a quick update on GG, she has been doing much better this week at school. She had to miss out on going to the indoor water park last week and stayed home with me, Peanut and Amy. She was the center of attention and it ended up not really feeling like a punishment but the time with me was what she needed. Then on Saturday J took her on a daddy/daughter date and she was so excited about it. Since then she has been fine. The boys have gotten to have one on one time with J everyday during the week but with GG being in school full days and then having at least an hour worth of homework when she gets home it is hard to give her that one on one time. Now that we realize she needs it we have been trying to be more available to her.

I just have to mention how Red has been doing with her because it is too cute. He is consistently asking "Is the baby nursing?" "Is the baby sleeping?" "Where is the baby?" super cute that he loves her so much. Then there is the "This is my baby." "My baby sister." Then completely not related to the baby he makes EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING into a gun. But he calls it a shoot gun...very funny.

Monkey on the other hand has been very odd lately. He was holding Peanut the other day and all of a sudden he says to her, "You look funny." J took him to the store and the person at the counter had an accent and he says, "Daddy that man talks funny he sounds like a robot." He has been saying other things like that and I am wondering isn't he too old to be saying things like that? I know he is just saying what he sees or hears but sometimes it isn't nice or polite. Anyways here are some new pictures!


karin kingkade said...

what sweet pictures! i can't wait until my big babies get to hold our new baby! gg looks like she will be the best helper for you too! congrats!

sarahgrace said...

Cute, cute, cute! Kids are awesome aren't they. Glad things are going better with GG. :)

Tee said...

Sweet pics! I always love the baby on Daddy's chest sleeping ones! :)

How old is Monkey? Maybe you could have a little talk about how people's feelings can get hurt if you say certain things? I had to do that with my kids a few times b/c they would gawk at little people or amputees at Wal-Mart, and sometimes start to say something like, "Mommy!! How come that guy's got only----" ... And then I'd interrupt them and start talking really loud about something else. LOL.

Trisha said...

So how are you doing with the pain now? I don't know why mine didn't bother me much. I was up and going in no time. I still do some things slowly out of fear...but I never really had too much pain...just fear of pain.

Peanut is gorgeous by the way. Just gorgeous!!

Anonymous said...

Dang, your husband is hott!