Sunday, September 02, 2007


Yesterday J and I got to go to a wedding with no children with us. It will probably be our last date alone before this baby comes. It was a really nice wedding the only bad part was it was a dessert reception so the only thing to eat was sweets with some fruit. After I got home I felt sick to my stomach and ended up throwing up everything in me. Have I mentioned that I despise throwing up? But I will say I felt better afterwards.

Today after church we went out to eat with the G's, they have become really good friends. We stopped by my in-laws to look at some things they were getting rid of but ended up not taking them. We didn't stay long because they didn't have their air on and it was really hot and making me feel sick again. J tells me every morning my body is freezing cold but I feel so hot. When we got home I laid down and J took GG and Monkey to the pool. When J and the kids got back they informed me that GG had gone off the *high dive* twice. She was really excited about that. I can't believe she is going to be starting 1st grade in a week. Anyways, Red was taking a nap so he stayed with me. I didn't really get much sleep as I feel asleep Red woke up. I put him on the potty, gave him a drink, put a movie on and went to lay back down. About 20 minutes later he comes running to me saying he has to poop. At this point I realize I'm not getting a nap. Oh well maybe I will get to go to sleep early tonight!


Tracey said...

Sigh... hope you get your much needed rest. It's tough near the end. Any thoughts on if the baby's turned?

Kristina said...

OH my goodness I am getting so excited to meet your little girl. I can't wait. I am doing the count down here. I am really excited to know her name:0)
Love you all:0)

Queen of the Mayhem said...

It is TIME for that little Miss to join the world! At least you are already not used to a lot of relaxation....should make the transition a little easier! Try to rest!!!!!!!!!

Good luck!