Tuesday, September 11, 2007

More baby details...

So are you sick of me writing about this pregnancy and baby yet? Well only a few more days and she will be here! I had an appointment today and I lost 2lbs. I couldn't change the time of the c-section so I am stuck not eating all day on Friday, but I have a plan. I am going to stay up until 2am so I can eat one last thing then I am taking my sleeping pill and sleeping the day away. I will get up shower and be off to the hospital. At least I will be rested :)

The kids had a great first day of school and surprisingly I didn't cry...I felt the tears coming but I held them back. I am looking forward to J being off work until the middle of October! He originally was only going to take 2 weeks but because of the c-section and me not being able to drive for 6 weeks afterwards he changed his plans and took off 4 weeks. I should be able to get help the last two weeks of recovery with the school thing.

Oh yeah one last thing, please continue to pray she turns because that would be ideal and I know that God is bigger than the medical field and He can get her to turn. Either way He is in control of this whole situation and so I am resting in that.


corrie said...

what! they aren't letting you drive for SIX weeks!! what is that about!?? they said i could drive as soon as i could stand and was off of the morphine/codine stuff.. i drove before the end of the second week... that's weird.
anyway, i am still praying for you!! can't wait to see her! maybe she'll be a girly RED! haaha

Anonymous said...

If she is born on Friday then Thomas & her will share the same birthday! Hang in there, Tonya!

Julie from Macomb

Tonya said...

Hey Julie, I thought that was Thomas' birthday! Unless I go into labor before then they will share a birthday.

Corrie, they said it has to do with nerves or something this place is overly cautious I have learned. For instance a normal place would tell you not to eat 12 hours before but they are telling 14 hours. Whatever as long as she is healthy and here by Friday :)

WFM said...

wow, hang in there - how exciting!!!