Friday, September 21, 2007

Normalcy somewhat

Today we got up early instead of laying around snuggling in the bed and went to church for my Bible study. I say we because my wonderful hubby has to drive me there and once there he carried the baby and diaper bag in so I just had to walk...slowly into the building. For our first outing I think it was pretty successful, well I guess it was technically our second as Peanut had a doctor's appointment yesterday and she was 8lbs 3oz. Anyways, it was just nice to feel somewhat normal!

This afternoon J took the boys to the indoor waterpark that is 5 minutes away from our house and I was able to sleep while the babe was sleeping. I think I could of slept much longer but the hour I got was great. I did get woke up by the phone it was GlamorGirl's teacher. She has been having some issues this week at school. In the last two years of school she has never gotten a note home or been in trouble. I have a feeling it is all the new things going on at home but we are going to need to address this and hopefully get it taken care of, otherwise she is going to have a rough year of first grade and I really don't want that. The issues aren't really anything major but still not my girl.


crissybug said...

It's good you got out of the house for a little bit. I can't imagine what it feels like to recover from a c-section. I hope that I don't ever know. Peanut is a cutie. I am sure the kids are just loving her to pieces.

I hope you can figure out what is going on with GlamorGirl. It is always hard to hear your child is having problems when it is so not normal for them.

Tracey said...

Hope your recovery speeds along for you. And that GG is just going through a baby adjustment period.

sarahgrace said...

Good for you! Gettin' out of the house already! And thank goodness for your hubby too!

Hope things straighten out with GG! You'll be in my prayers. Speedy recovery all around!

Queen of the Mayhem said...

Congrats on Peanut FINALLY making an appearance! :)

I have had many a talk with a teacher about Junior Mayhem......Good luck with working on your little girl!

I am sure she is adjusting to the new arrival.