Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Tonight was Mom's night at boys truth in training (TNT). The things we do for our kids I tell ya. It was a theme night of western so I carried a toy gun in my pocket and wore a cowgirl hat and pig tails. Then they had us peel apples in a game...oy was that messy ;) I got to sing with my Monkey which I LOVE doing. Then we played games in the gym! That was interesting to say the least. This is the first year Monkey is in TNT so I had no idea what to expect from this night. The games are NOTHING like the Mom's night in GIRLS TNT! I actually got hot from playing the game. Though I will say it was a really fun game. It was a human version of foose ball. I heard something tonight during the devotion that I really think is quiet important. Wendy talked about how she knew that her mom loved her no matter what. I really hope and pray that my kidlets know that I love them no matter what silly or stupid things they do. I want to be their hero. Though I think role model would be a better term but this year in the boys TNT they are talking about heros. I hope Monkey knows I love him because I could of told him I wasn't coming because I am a JAM leader. Actions speak louder than words and I want them to know they are my first priority after God.

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