Monday, January 17, 2011

My oldest is 10 today!

I totally didn't expect to be so emotional today. I woke her up with a big ole Happy Birthday and a snap of the camera! This is how she woke up on her 10th birthday...
She got ready for school in her new birthday dress and birthday tiara!
Doesn't she look super cute?!

When she got to school one of the girls made a comment about why she was wearing the tiara. She got embarrassed and took it off.
Ugh! She was so excited to wear it to school she even asked me where it was this morning.
I didn't push it and let her put it in her locker.
At lunch I watched her come into the lunch room and sit down with her lunch.
She started to unpack it and realized I didn't give her anything to eat.
She comes up to me and asks where her food is!
I took her I ordered her a pizza.
The smile and excitement on her face made it all worth it.
After I finished helping with lunch I headed up stairs to decorate her class room.
At the end of the period the teacher had her to go the library.
I passed out noise makers to her classmates.
As she came up to class her teacher scolded her for being late, nice little added bonus!
Then we got her GOOD!
I didn't realize that there was another girl with her and since I was looking through the camera.
You can hear me mess up on the video, oops.

I didn't record us singing "Happy Birthday" as I was chocking up.
My baby girl is 10!
As soon as she stepped all the way in the room and we started singing, she spotted her daddy.
She ran over and gave him the biggest hug!
This was half of her ice cream sandwich I made her :)
Tonight we will be going out to eat at the restaurant of her choice.
Happy Birthday to my beautiful daughter!
I love you so much.
Love, Mom


Crissybug said...

What a way to make things so special for your baby errr girl. The look on her face was just priceless. Hope the rest of the day is just as fabulous!

My oldest is turning 8 this year, and I still can't believe it. Time really goes by too quickly.

Tee aka The Diva's Thoughts said...

Aaaawwww!! Happy birthday to her! Have a blast at dinner tonight.

mikeanddebbie said...

What a wonderful day for her! Happy Birthday, GG!!

Kristin said...

Happy 10th, GG:)

Adina said...

What a fun special day!! Way to go Mom and Happy Belated Birthday GG!!