Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Field Trip

I got the pleasure of going on Monkey's field trip to the Museum of Science and Industry in downtown Chicago. One thing I love about his teacher is she always allows as many chaperons as parents who want to go. Most of the parents had two kids their kid and one more. One dad just had his kid. I like going on field trips for two reasons, I love spending that time with my one kid and their friends and two I always wanted my parents to go on field trip growing up, my dad went on one. It was the best one ever!!! I know that if I go on all of them it doesn't really make it special but I stay home and I don't want them to feel like I did as a kid. Also my oldest had a field trip that she told me not to come on and she explained her reasons. I didn't go because of her wishes and other factors. Back on topic...I really LOVE this museum out of all the ones downtown I think this is the most educational with hands on stuff to do. Our group consisted of 3 moms, one dad and the teacher and a total of 8 boys. We took them to the coal mine. I haven't been to that exhibit in years and I have to tell you it is WAY better than I remember it. We did the storm exhibit with the tsunami and tornado that was pretty cool. Went to the hatchery with the baby chicks. We did the water room which was a big hit. We got to see everything the boys wanted to see and do. It was just a really fun day. I also got to see my boy interact with the kids in his class. He is a very independent little boy and I am just so proud of him for being his own person. I love that boy with all my heart and I was so glad I was able to spend the whole day with him. I owe a HUGE thank you to my wonderful sister-in-law who came over and had some very special quality time with my little Peanut. The other three kids were pretty jealous that she got Auntie Liz all to herself and they have no idea that David spent most of the day with them. It would only add insult to injury ;)

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Adina said...

man, it's been a long time since i've been at a museum! sounds like you had a good time.
and it's a good thing you didn't say anything about David. :)