Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mother's Day

My second favorite day of the year! The first, of course, is my birthday ;) I really don't know why but every year on Mother's Day it just seems the kids are WAY more snuggly and lovey then normal. I mean my kids will fight over who gets to sit by my so we can snuggle and I love it. I love Mother's Day because the kids make me gifts at school instead of going out and buying something. Just a side note I love store bought gifts too! In the morning they typically make me breakfast in bed, accompanied by all the home(school)made gifts. This year Peanut is in preschool so she will be bringing me a gift too. Last year she was so sad as the other kids had gifts after breakfast. Not sure what we will do next year though! I also get some nice gift from Jeff. I told him this year all I wanted was for my diamond to be put back in my ring. Since I still have the ring in my possession thinking that isn't going to be happening tomorrow morning! No worries though because I will get it put back in soon. Anyways, this year we are getting together with my mom and grandma to celebrate. We are going to a Japanese restaurant which I'm not so sure how that is all going to work out with the kids and what they are going to eat. Also it is about 15 to 25 dollars a person, yikes! I just have to remember it isn't about the money it is about spending time with the people you love. This evening GG and I went to the store to buy all the mothers in our lives a mom, my step mom, my mother in law, and my grandma. We had fun. I also got myself some leggings to go with the Mother's Day gift I bought myself ;) I finally own a little black dress! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out in bloggyland.

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Adina said...

Happy Mother's Day! Missed seeing you today.