Saturday, May 28, 2011

Waiting and wondering...

I am sitting here almost 10pm wondering if my 10 year old is going to call me wanting to come home from her friend's birthday party sleepover. You see this is the first time she has done this. She has had sleepovers before but with only one friend. There are 5 girls at this party. She is prepped to call me if she feels uncomfortable or just wants to come home. We have a code question she is to call and ask, which indicates "COME AND GET ME!" How it works is about an hour later I call and tell them mom I need to come and get her because of a family emergency. I just don't know if it is 10pm now and she hasn't called am I going to be getting a call?!?! I really hope not because this girl is TIRED. Ok, I'm going to call her. She's not answering. Hmmm Not sure I'm ready for this independence! ****update she called this morning at 7:30am because she was the first one awake and didn't know what to do. I told her to go back to bed ;) I pick her up in an hour and a half!****

In other news, I just have to share the coolest thing! Jeff went fishing with a buddy Thursday after work until Friday evening. It was a short trip but he was 3 1/2 hours away so I was single parenting it. Thursday night as I was putting the kids to bed Monkey said his arm hurt. He had a scab that had obviously become infected. There was a red circle that was hot and puffy around the scab and one little line that was starting to spread the infection. I called my friend and asked what she would do. I really didn't feel like calling the doctor who would tell me to take him to the ER with all four kids in tow. She told me to use grapefruit seed extract with a little water and rub it on the infection. I also gave him a cup of water with two drops of the grapefruit seed extract. The next morning his arm was completely better! I haven't checked it today but I'm sure it is still fine. That stuff works as a natural antibiotic. If you don't have any in your house I highly HIGHLY recommend getting some. It has saved me on many trips to the doctor. When I think the kids are coming down with something I give them some drops in their drink. Many visits to the doctor have been avoided in the past year from our use of this vitamin/supplement! How cool is it that God gave us so many wonderful things that naturally heal our bodies. Our bodies are so amazing!


Kat said...

Grapefruit seed extract! That is great! I'll have to pick some up. THanks!

Hope your girl made it through her sleepover with tons of fun! :)

Adina said...

so she's officially a big girl!