Saturday, December 31, 2011

Good bye 2011

Last night on facebook I posted an update that stated that I was going to make the best of the last day of this year. So this morning when I woke up Jeff and I talked about what we should do today. I told him I wanted to do something fun with the kids. He was in agreement. I had wanted to take the kids to the skating rink all break but me getting sick didn't give me much motivation to do fun things with the kids by myself. We decided that skating would be what we did. I looked up the hours online, unfortunately it was at the same time Jeff had planned to practice for winter retreat. No big deal I could take the kids. We told the kids of our plans and they were all excited about it. Fast forward to getting there. They all had bad attitudes. "I can't skate" "This is boring" and "This is no fun" among other negative comments was all I heard for the first 30 minutes of being there. Once the boys got the hang of skating their attitudes changed. GG was pretty much a big party pooper and Peanut was extremely crabby. I was miserable sitting there with two whiny girls. Peanut wanted her skates changed from the settings every 5 minutes and it got old after the first 5 minutes. She wasn't even skating! We had brought her brand new skates she got for Christmas and she was super excited to be skating in them and all she did was sit, what a bummer. Skating was pretty much an epic fail. Oh yeah and I had the camera and the batteries were dead so I couldn't even get good pictures of the "fun" time we had. And I use the word fun loosely. The day was redeemed when Jeff came home and we ordered pizza. I took the girls to 7/11 and got them free slurpees before picking up the pizza. The boys had gotten their free slurpees a few days ago. Also I didn't hear any whining at home because I had told the kids they could do whatever they wanted to do today. So I only heard fighting when they played the wii together...ugh. At least I didn't hear any whining and begging to play the wii, ds, or computer :) I guess you can't win them all. Now I am going to go sit on the couch and watch the hubs play playstation to bring in the New Year. I know your jealous! Good bye 2011. Bring on 2012 :)

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Kat said...

Oh no! I can't stand it when good plans go bad. What a bummer. Maybe today will be your fun day! :)
Happy New Year!