Wednesday, December 28, 2011

I was right!

I woke up this morning and it was a chore to get out of bed and going down the stairs this morning was incredibly painful. Not to mention my upper body from holding on to the tow rope! It was all worth it in the end to be with my whole family for the day doing something enjoyable. Now I just need to get us all healthy so that we can celebrate the New Year the right way...not sick! But I will say this is the first time in a very long time that I have updated the blog with someone being sick. Since I was pretty sore all day we kind of lounged around all day. We watched two movies and played a couple board games and the kids also played their DS and the computer. Then tonight my friend called to see if I was going to another friend's brothers wake. I hadn't thought about it but after talking with her thought it would be a good idea to go. She came over to our house with her family and the men stayed home with the kids and we went on to the wake. When we got back around 7:45 Peanut was laying on the couch with Jeff saying she was tired. She hadn't taken a nap today so I figured she was just tired. We told her to go upstairs and get in bed. When our friends left only 5 minutes later I went upstairs to tuck her in and she was on fire. I took her temp under the arm and it was 99.9 so I took it in her mouth and it was 102.2. My first thought was "oh crap our friends were just here I need to call her and tell her." followed by "I hope it is only a fever and no one else gets it." She is currently laying in my bed dozing on and off. She was having a hard time sleeping in her bed, I think she just wanted me. Honestly, I feel better having her close by just in case her fever gets higher or she pukes or whatever. I get nervous about high fevers and seizures, none of our kids have ever had one but it is still a possibility. Other than Peanut not feeling the greatest I am still battling this stupid pink eye. I have been on the drops for a day now and it looks the same as it did yesterday. I feel pretty wiped out and hope I don't catch anything else. I kind of feel like a sitting duck in the health department. Dear Lord cover our family and protect us from illness!   


Adina said...

Hoping everyone will be healthy for New Years. What are you doing to get them healthy? said...

Yuck! I hope everyone is healthy tonight! Happy New Year!