Saturday, December 03, 2011

Missing it

After posting EVERY day for the last month being gone the last few days feels kind of weird! Today was such a wonderful day. This morning the three oldest kids and I got up and went to a birthday party at an organization that packs food for hungry children. It was such a neat and fun experience. I can't wait to go back. The funny part about it was that this morning all the kids were complaining about going to the party because they wanted to watch tv instead. One of the comments was we aren't even going to get a goody bag at the party. I thought "oh brother seriously?" We got to the party and we started and the kids had a BLAST. They had so much fun that when it was over they were sad and said they want to have their birthday parties there! What a change in these kids in just a few short hours. I can't wait to go back and do it again. Though Peanut has to be 5 years old it is an age requirement. Then we went out to eat with my dad who had Peanut. Then to a basketball game and they won. Then to clean the house and have our small group over. Well that was my day in a nutshell. Jeff's was much different then mine. He got up and his dad and him worked on the bathroom then he went to work and then worked on the bathroom some more. Then the guys in our group helped him with the counter top that he just got from the store today because I wasn't going to be helpful in anyway shape or form! I am a weakling. I really need to get stronger because half the time I can't even open up a jar of sauce. Yes, I have to ask my 9 yr old to open it when Jeff isn't home. The other day it was just Peanut and I and I couldn't get it opened so I asked her to help. She's 4 and couldn't get it open so I stabbed the top with a knife and it came off easy peasy! Good thing I had to use the whole jar for the recipe ;) The bathroom is about 90% done. The toilet works so that is good!

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