Monday, December 19, 2011

2nd Family Christmas and other random things...

This Christmas party (Saturday) was with my dad, step mom, my older brother and his family (9), my brother and sister neither are married or have kids. My favorite moment of the day was when Monkey opened his last present from them. He pulled out a Brian Urlacher jersey! The kid was absolutely speechless. He was so happy his eyes were tearing up too. He has worn the jersey since he opened it. Yes, he wore it to church. I finally made him take it off and put it in the laundry so I could wash it. I normally don't like my kids or myself wearing clothes without washing them first but how could I do that to him?! The other kids got some great gifts too. No one walked away from that party disappointed that's for sure. Peanut has been wearing her fairy dress ups all day today. Every time I saw her she had changed into a different fairy costume!
Last night was Jeff and I's 12 year wedding anniversary. I decided that I was going to get a sitter and we were going to go out. I have learned that if I have all these romantic thoughts about what is going to happen on our anniversary I will be disappointed. We went to the mall and ended up seeing two people we knew. The first was at dinner, the boy's gym teacher was there with a lady friend. And the second was the Jr. High youth pastor at the church Jeff and I got married in, and his wife. I never had him as a pastor but I knew him.
Today has been kind of lazy. I feel kind of yuck not sure if it was because I went to bed after midnight last night and then Peanut came in our room at 6 something and wouldn't go back to sleep or if I'm getting sick. I feel congested. I just want to keep us all healthy before Christmas. Afterward I don't care if they get sick, ok that's not true I don't want any of us sick...EVER. Anyway, the kids and I went to the library and got some movies. Then tonight Red and I went to the store so he could pick out gifts for his siblings. Then I wrapped some before GG and I watched a movie together. Tomorrow I am going to the chiropractor and then we need groceries. Then we are going to chill at home.


Kat said...

Sounds like a wonderful Christmas party #2!
Happy Anniversary!

Adina said...

Nice many more? 2 ?