Tuesday, December 27, 2011


Today we got up and went skiing. My dad had called on the 24th to see if we wanted to go skiing. I thought he meant Jeff and the three oldest kids. But he wanted all 6 of us to go with him. Yes, I went with pink eye. We got up somewhat early and picked my dad up and off we went to the slopes. My dad got Red and Peanut semi-private ski lessons which was the two of them with an instructor. They had a really nice guy. I was a little worried at first because when he introduced himself to Peanut she clung to me and hid behind my leg. I told her I would walk with her to the lesson. Then my dad stayed with them while I got my ski legs back. I looked over at them and saw Peanut going down the little hill all by herself. I went over to get a few pictures on my phone. I need to learn how to take them off my phone and but them on the computer to share. Anyways, that was the biggest mistake because as soon as I was over there and she had showed my what she had learned so far she was done learning. He hadn't taught them how to stop yet! He worked with Red and I tried calming her down and getting her to finish her lesson. Finally, I got Jeff to come over and I left and she was golden the rest of the lesson. After lunch I took her over to the hill and worked with her and then I got brave and took her over to the bunny hill with the tow rope and took her up. And then she skiied between my legs all the way down. She loved it. At one point we saw the instructor over at the bunny hill and he took her up and brought her down. He was really nice. Then I took her back up and he was at the top and she didn't want me she held her arms out to him to take her down! Haha. And he did. Red was doing great too. Though Jeff mostly worked with him. By the end of the day he was going up the tow rope by himself and going down the hill alone too. Peanut tried the tow rope and fell about half way up and never did try going down the hill by herself but that is okay. They both did great for their first time! I even got to go down the big hills with the two big kids and my hubby! I didn't fall either ;) Though I will say that I can tell I am going to be super sore tomorrow!


Adina said...

I'm so impressed with you and skiing! This whole experience is great way to make memories.

Amber said...

This reminds me of the days at Carl Sandburg on the Friday night ski trips!! I haven't been skiing in years! What a fun day with the family!

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