Thursday, September 30, 2004

I can't believe it has been two days...I thought I was doing so good! Anyway, J has been off the last couple of days so we have been keeping pretty busy with things. Right now Monkey is sleeping and GlamorGirl is having quite time so I thought I would update real quick before I start in on the laundry. Today at school the kids got to wear their new slippers and drink out of their new water bottles that we bought especially for school. They loved that! GG just asked to paint her toe nails so that is what I will be doing in about 2 minutes :) Tomorrow at school they are getting a special guest. They have been talking about the letter C and what sound it makes and words that start with it. Well the focused on Community Helpers. So J is going there tomorrow in uniform and talking to the kids about Police Officers and giving them each a badge. I think the kids are going to go nuts when they see him. They absolutely love having a daddy who is a police officer or peace officer as Monkey would say! Tonight GG has Awana Clubs so we will get some special time with just Monkey who eats up his special time!!! That is it for now.

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