Wednesday, April 05, 2006


Here, I'll just sit here for you and be super cute!

What is on my head mom? It feels funny.

Oh, it fell off, where did it go?

Where did mommy go?

Oh there she is!

Such a happy GUY!

I'm hot stuff going all over the place.

What is that flash I'm seeing?

Stopping for a is hard work. And I *guess* you can take a picture :)

He is going to the water bottle! He has finally figured out how to get places by army crawling instead of rolling and going backwards!

Red and I had a busy day today. We went to Bible study and then came home fixed lunch then took Jess (our babysitter) to get her license. She has gone 3 other times, once they were closed or close to it, and the other two time they were done with the driving test for the day. I told her since I am home I could take her during her school hours if her mom didn't mind. Of course, they were both frustrated and really wanted her to get that license. So she is now officially legal to drive! I was so happy for her. It was cool to be apart of that experience. While we were gone J and GG made a celebration cake for Jess. That was really cute. After we took her back to school the rest of the afternoon we spent outside playing. I love this weather :) I hope you enjoy the pictures.

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