Saturday, April 08, 2006

They're all sleeping...

even GlamorGirl the one who doesn't take naps! After lunch while I cleaned up J put all the kids down for naps and he fell asleep too:) So the kitchen is clean and a load of laundry is started so I thought I would get on the computer. The variety show last night was so much fun. The kids each got to see their teachers there. They thought that was the greatest. We sat next to our babysitter's (Jess) mom. She was making Monkey laugh so hard I thought he was going to bust a gut! Before that he was flirting with the highschool girls sitting behind us, he's a big flirt. It doesn't help that his aunt is a freshman in highschool so all of her friends just think all the kids are so cute, Monkey eats it up. GG loved watching all the singers and dancers. The music made her dance, she couldn't keep still! At one point she was doing the air guitar. It was pretty funny. She can't wait til she is old enough to be apart of the show. Both kids got a big kick out of watching Jessie, as they call her, during her song. Red even enjoyed himself and ended up falling asleep at the end. On the way home Monkey fell asleep now we only live about 5 minutes from the school but their bedtime had passed about two hours before. I carried Monkey into the house and put him on the floor sitting up. He had his eyes closed the whole time "pretending" that he was sleeping. It was really funny because he was trying so hard to keep those eyes closed while I got his pjs on him. Finally I said, "Well everyone who is still awake can have ice cream." His eyes opened so fast!!! I said, "I was just kidding I wanted to see if you were really sleeping." Then he says, "I know you were joking because I can't have sugar this late." J and I laughed so hard at that one. What a smart little boy.

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