Friday, April 14, 2006

Waiting patiently

The kids are being so good waiting for grandma and grandpa to get here with their Easter presents before they head out to see my brother, Kevin's family. I don't even know where to start! Last night was absolutely AMAZING. J and I had so much fun on our date. We are not one of those couples that sit at dinner and just eat. We talked and laughed, we have always had really good communication in our relationship. The food at the restaurant was the best Mexican food I've ever eaten and we have leftovers...score. After dinner we walked around holding hands and trying to lose the extra weight we just put in our tummies :) I am going to make a point to make a date night at least once a month with J. If GlamorGirl gets once a month I should too!

Now I want to take some time to elaborate on Red's happenings. Now that he can crawl diapering has taken a whole new life. As soon as the diaper comes off and he thinks I am done wiping him. He flips over and crawls away naked. Since we have been outside alot I have put Red in the grass to see what he does. His reaction the first time was PRICELESS. I don't think he liked the feel of it but after a few days sitting in it I believe he has gotten used to the feel. He has now started to eat it, he has created a new food group for his diet. First it was mud and now he added grass! He *loves* the swing. At the park yesterday I put him in the baby swing and he was laughing and smiling the whole time. When I went to take him out he threw his head back in protest. He has a stubborn streak to him. I just can't believe he is going to be 11 months on Monday. Another thing he has been doing lately that just cracks the neighborhood up is whenever he hears laughter he starts laughing. When we sit outside with the neighbors and we all start laughing there is Red laughing right along. Which, of course, makes everyone laugh even harder because he is just too stinkin cute when he does that.

GG and Monkey don't have school today for Good Friday, and neither one of them slept in for me. I don't think it helped that J got up at 6:45am! The plan is that after the grandparents leave we head over to the library and then the park district to sign them each up for a summer activity. The rest of the day we will probably spend outside playing until J gets home. I am so happy it is nice out. I need to get the kids summer clothes out soon. Well I'm outta here.....

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