Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Biggest *little* Mooch

Red mooches food from EVERYONE! Grandpa was holding a piece of bread in his hand and Red walked up to him and ate it right out of his hand. If J walks in the room with food Red is there in a second flat holding out his hand for some. You would think we don't feed this kid but he eats EVERYTHING and then some. He could have eaten a 7 course meal and still want what you are eating. He is just goofy but we still love him.

Today my Maid of Honor was in town so we spent most of the day with her and had a great time talking and just playing around. She came with to GG's gymnastics class which was teddy bear day. After she left the kids and I started getting ready for J's birthday tomorrow. But I'm not going to tell any details of what we are up to just incase he decides to read this! I will say he gave me a scare. The kids and I were about to make his cake and I walked into the living room for something and I saw him coming into the house so I ran as quick as I could and hid everything. He had no idea what was going on just that I was screaming and running around the house because he could hear me from outside, until GG said, "We were hiding your cake. Ooops!" We all got a big laugh from that. So he knows he is getting cake but not what kind or anything else. I can't wait to surprise him tomorrow :)

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