Thursday, July 27, 2006

Hubby's birthday

The kids woke up super early because they were so excited to give daddy his present, which was hid under their bed so that they could bring it to him. They each made him a card and we taped them to the gift. He laughed as soon as they brought it into the room. It was tennis rackets for both of us, it is hard to disguise them, so he knew before he even opened them. We got up and he left for court. When he got home we went to the park and the kids played where we could watch and we played tennis. It was a wonderful workout. We are planning on going every morning we can! It was so much fun even though I'm terrible at playing! Then we came home and everyone got bathed, GG was covered head to toe in sand because it just stuck to her...I wanted to hose her off but we were at the park :) Then we went out for J's birthday lunch at Chipotle. It was yummy as normal. Oh yeah, before he left for court I told him some lame thing about him needing to fix the stroller so he would look in the truck of the van...where his real present was a guitar! I think we really surprised him with that one. He was really happy about getting it but he doesn't think he will ever get to learn how to play so he wants to take it back. That kind of made me sad because he talks about playing praise and worship songs in our living room with the kids and I really love the thought of that. He said that once he gets on days he would have more time to learn but I think come fall he would have time when the kids are in school. I don't know we still have it for now. So that has been our day so far... we all just woke up from naps which was so nice. We are going to be going into the pool shortly and then maybe to a park to see daddy?!?! We'll play that one by ear.

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