Monday, July 17, 2006

Coming down...

We are coming down off the high of this weekend. Saturday we celebrated Monkey's 4th birthday. It was a very fun party...we ate food...had a water balloon fight...and pinata. He got a slip and slide from J and I so they are about to go play on it. Good day for that considering how hot it is outside! Saturday night I went to a baby shower ALL BY MYSELF!!! I was as free as a bird. I was one of the first ones to leave though because I was so tired from the days activities. Then yesterday we went to church then hung out with grandpa all day then back to church for a bbq, service and ice cream sundaes. Well we were at church Red stood himself up in the middle of the room. By the time we went to bed Red was walking back and forth to J and I. I knew that this day was coming but I'm not so sure I'm completely ready for it. He is so cute when walking because he gets so excited!!! Such a big boy.

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