Friday, July 07, 2006

Camp Awana...gotta love it!

Yesterday we got up really early and went to Camp Awana to visit grandma and Aunty Liz. The kids had a blast and Gg is already talking about when she is old enough to go to camp! J and I have started to talk about her going to camp. The plan is that I go up with the boys and work while she is there and the boys can play, Monkey will almost be 7 and Red will be 4 and there is plenty of stuff them to do! Then when Monkey is ready to be a camper J will work and the rest of us will go up too. There is going to come a day when all of our summers are spent at camp...I can already feel that happening! Plus, grandma and Liz will probably be there working too so it will be a family thing:) Anyways, we went swimming in the Lake (totally gross, in my opinion), we played carpet ball, box hockey, mini golf, shot bows with arrows, played at the park, and played basketball. Also ate some good food. Even though the lake water is gross in my opinion they had some really cool stuff to do like a slide that had water running down it, which both the kids went on. Monkey did better then GG because he wasn't as scared! There was a big blob that I went on once and HATED it. Maybe if I had gone on it for the first time when I was 14, I might have liked it but as a 27 year old...not my cup of tea. But at least I can say I went on it and I even stayed on without falling off right away but I wanted off so I jumped off :) There was also a water trampoline in the middle of the lake. Red absolutely LOVED the sand on the beach. He had it everywhere on him and I even covered his feet with the sand and he thought that was funny. He enjoyed going in the water too. I think because he was able to walk into it instead of being held that made a huge difference, one nice thing about lakes are that they are graduated entrances. He doesn't really like pools. Monkey and GG also played on the beach but they were in the water way more. GG was learning how to use a kick board. Monkey was just having a blast splashing. We really need to set up our family sized pool so they can swim more...I'm just afraid I won't get them out ever. They were so wrinkled yesterday from swimming, they love the water! That was our fun day in a nutshell. We will probably go back there one more time before summer is over.

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