Saturday, July 08, 2006

I got to go on a date!

Yesterday was really fun. I left the house, under the impression that we were going to the store to buy a new ceiling fan for Monkey's room. Come to find out J surprised us with lunch at Photo's. That was cool but I was really excited about getting a fan for Monkey's room that actually worked so after we ate we did go buy one. Came home and J installed it with very little help from me. Then our sitter came over and we went on our real date. At first the plan we to go roller skating, but J thought there would be a lot of kids there being a Friday night. So we decided to go to the park and listen to the bands playing and drink some Starbucks. On our way to Starbucks we passed by a really yummy smelling restaurant and decided to stop and eat there. Then we sat and listen to the band for only 10 minutes because they were pretty bad. We finally got Starbucks and went to a quite park so we could talk. It was a good date, it is just nice to be alone with J uninterrupted conversation and so on. Right now J is getting Monkey's big bike ready to teach him how to ride without training wheels. I'm going to go watch...

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