Thursday, May 31, 2007


Yesterday was a not so good day in our household, well I should say afternoon. The morning was good I had a doctor's appointment and got to hear my little girl's heart beating. Then as soon as the kids got home Red took the fish food and spilled it all over the floor, which was really no big deal just a real big mess. As I was making lunch I started to feel sick and thought I was going to throw up so I had to go lay down. After lunch the kids were suppose to be sitting at the table doing their homework but instead Monkey took a magnet to our computer screen. It was all discolored. So J turned the computer off in hopes it would fix itself when we turned it back on so I didn't have a computer yesterday to update. Well when we did turn it on the color was fine but all my blogs that I had bookmarked are gone. So I have to find them on the internet again and bookmark them not a huge deal but just frustrating to me.


crissybug said...

What a bummer! I would be frustrated too!

You should set up an account at

Bloglines is great because it moderates the feeds for each you aren't having to check if any particular blog has posted something lets you know! Plus it is accessible anywhere you go! If you ever have a computer meltdown again then you won't lose all the information because it is stored on thier server.

sarahgrace said...

I was going to say the same thing as crissybug- there are several feed readers you can use, I use google reader, and have used bloglines in the past. So nice...

Hope you are feeling better!