Thursday, November 01, 2007

My boys

They are so different from one another and I love them both. Today I had a conversation with each of them and they made me think about just how different they are.

With Red we were in the van running errands and decided to stop by a friends house.
And this was our conversation...
Me: Red, when we get to their house I am going to run up to the door and see if they are home. You and Peanut are going to stay in the car. If they are home I will come get you out.
Red: I don't think that is a good idea. You get me out. I come with you and if they are home we can go in and play.

In the van again with Monkey on the way home from school. He has a field trip tomorrow which J is going on. They are going to the nursing home two blocks away and are having the parents drive kids in their personal vehicles. At school Mrs. R told the kids they had to have their carseats with their names on them.
Monkey: Mom tomorrow when I go to school we have to bring my carseat in and it has to have my name on it. I don't want to put my name on my carseat, that would be silly.
Me: You don't have to worry about it because daddy is going on the field trip and your carseat will already be in the van.
Monkey: Mrs. R said if we don't have our carseats at school we don't get to go. (at this point almost in tears)
Me: Sweetie Mrs. R knows that daddy is going and that your carseat will be in the van it will be ok, you can ask daddy when we get home.

Monkey takes everything so literal which I have been told I did the same when I was a kid and I believe I still do at times. The boys are just so different and it isn't bad they are both very special to me. I'm sure the girls are going to be different from each other as well?!?! That will be fun to find out :)

There is a Rockin' Sling contest going on here. Go check it out but I want to win it :)

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Queen of the Mayhem said...

I am constantly amazed at just how different my children are!

BTW- I got the Buzz costume off of was new, with tags.

However...if you want to email me your address...I would be happy to send it to you...we are certainly done with it. I think it is a small...size 4-6. Just a thought...he's not much for dressing up and I usually just give them's up to you! :)