Tuesday, June 03, 2008

our happenings...

amongst all the excitement of trying to win a Wii, which we are in 5th place currently. Please vote for us if you are so inclined :) Anyways, I got on here to say that Peanut has been having trouble sleeping at night. I believe I mentioned it about how J slept with her in the recliner. Well she had a few more restless nights and then last night she slept like an angel. Guess what?! No she still doesn't have any teeth. She started to army crawl TODAY! It was really cool to watch her scoot across the floor towards her target object. It explains her change in sleep pattern.

In Red news, we were at church on Saturday night getting ready. Our Sunday School class is taking over 3 kids classes ranging in ages 4 through 6th grade. Anyway, we were eating and Red comes in the room and says in his cute little voice, "I can't sit down Portor's mommy is in my seat." The kids were in the next room watching a movie. Then fast forward to tonight we were in the living room and he says, "I have to go pee." I tell him to go. He has been potty trained for almost a year, why he is announcing it is beyond me. Well he comes out and tells me, "I peed on the floor and rug. It's my fault." Got that right buddy it's not my fault you missed the toilet! I'm glad he told me though.

In Monkey news, he is graduating Kindergarten tomorrow. My boy is going to be going to full days of school next year, so sad. He is going to be 6 years old next month. I just can't believe how fast these kids are growing right in front of me. I am so blessed I am able to be home with them to watch all of it. It really makes me consider homeschooling.

In GG news, she is really sad the school year is over even though she keeps asking me to homeschool her because she misses me. I don't understand that girl sometimes! She has a full day tomorrow and then a half day on Thursday.

I'm already thinking of boredom busters for this summer. I think I will have to look up last years list and see if there is anything we didn't get to do. Oh here is a funny for ya, you know how this winter I have been very sickly? J and I got life insurance (finally) we want to make sure the kids are somewhat taken care of if something happens to us. Well we had to have blood drawn and give a urine sample and answer a bunch of questions about medical stuff. Well there are three categories of insurance: regular (most people) preferred (J got) and super preferred (only 4% of people get) The called the other day and said I got the super preferred and I had to laugh because when they took my blood and urine I had the flu! But it is good because I get that rate for 20 years it is the cheapest because I am so healthy HA!

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Kathryn said...

It is amazing how fast time flies once you have children, isn't it? Wow.

Kristin said...

Okay stinker!! Between my best friend Debbie and you, it didn't take much for me to start my own blog. Yes, welcome me to blogster world!! I can't believe I'm saying that!!! Happy?!!:)


Adventures In Babywearing said...

Did you see Rocks In My Dryer is posting about boredom busters for the summer break today? I know I'll be checking it out! And I was the first person to vote for your picture when 5 Minutes put them up. Yours was my favorite!! : )


Anonymous said...

I'm behind on blogging and saw that you were a finalist over at "Look At Us Now"...she posted for you. I just voted!! Praying you win!

mikeanddebbie said...

For some reason, it's not letting me post on your latest blog so hopefully you'll get this one! Congrats to Monkey on his Kindergarten graduation! I'll be eager to hear how the voting turns out!! GOOD LUCK!!