Thursday, June 26, 2008

Water logged

Today was the first time that I daringly took the 4 kids to the pool by myself! Not only did I do it alone but we rode our bikes there, also. I laid some ground rules about what I expected from them and how I was going to need help from them when I needed to do things with the baby ie nurse her. We were there almost 3 hours. The first hour we were all in the pool and Peanut was in my new water sling. Then she was getting hungry and the three kids played by the slide while I nursed her. She ended up falling asleep and the kids played so well that she was able to sleep for about 30 minutes or so. When she woke up it was snack time. I treated the kids to a special treat of ice cream because they were being so good. Now Peanut and I had been out of water for about an hour at this point and we were getting dry. As I was standing in line Peanut started peeing and it went down my leg and on my feet. It was one the weirdest grossest feelings. Then we rode our bikes home and Red feel asleep, we skipped his normal nap time so we could swim. It worked out good because when J got home he wanted to take the kids to night swim. Where we swam for another 2 hours! I am completely water logged but love it :)

I also must mention that today was the first day I actually brought money with so that we could get something from the concessions, their special treat. But I also brought the normal snack and drinks with so I didn't have to spend a ton!


hestermom said...

Aah, sounds like a fun glad you all made it. I was nervous enough taking three to the pool by myself. I am quite sure that floaties. water rings, and floaty suits and vests are heavenly designed. I guess there's hope for me when I have four!!

Tracey said...

Congrats! That's a big accomplishment. I think it's the hardest to go to the pool when you have a 1-2 year old that isn't a good listener yet. Hopefully, Peanut will stay put in that sling for the summer so you can monitor the other kids with ease.

Thankfully for us, our pool doesn't have a concession stand, only a candy machine. I am able to buy a treat without breaking the bank. We are headed to the pool today, btw!

Fuschia said...

The swimming pool is one the greatest inventions of all time!!
The kids have fun and then are exausted..YIPEEE ;)

Kristin said...

Way to go!! Glad it went well! A special treat is a great reward:)

corrie said...

nice! sounds like great fun - and yes, you ARE daring. love breckin's hawk by the way!

Kathryn said...

Wow! That worked out well. What great kids! They definitely deserved some ice cream for that!
Great job, mom!