Wednesday, November 30, 2011

last day of the month

wow I can't believe I did it. I posted what I was thankful for 30 days. I think it has changed my perspective on a lot of things. Because I will be having a bad day and then I get on here to post what I am thankful for and feel like I have nothing but by God's grace I have found something to be thankful for each and every day this month! I don't think of myself as a downer but these dark days certainly don't help with my mood. I miss summer :( Moving along tonight the kids had their Ark performance. It was the first time Monkey had a speaking part and GG had a bigger speaking part. And it was the first time Red was in it. So that was really fun to watch! I also had my Bible study this morning and I am SO thankful for this group of women. I have grown so much during this study. It has motivated me to really learn what the Bible says instead of just reading the Bible. Sure when I do read the Bible I get something out of it every time but digging deeper into each verse has just opened my eyes to things I've read so many times but never really understood. I just love it. We are studying Daniel which is closely related to Revelations and the end times. It is so exciting and scary at the same time. Exciting that His return is very near with each passing day but scary because I want my family to be with me in heaven. Though I know that when that time comes I won't be worrying about them I will be in awe of Christ. It is just so hard for me to wrap my brain around. What we think and how we act are not how we will be after the second coming. It is really confusing to me but very fascinating too! I'm ready for the rapture but not really, there are more people I want to know about God. I am thankful for learning and growing more in my faith and in the knowledge of the Lord. As next month comes and we celebrate Christmas I want to focus more on the real reason we celebrate. The birth of the pure spotless lamb who came to cover all our sins. Thank you Jesus for the best gift ever = salvation.

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