Saturday, January 29, 2005

Ok so I forgot GG's appointment on Friday so I took her today. We only gave her 2 shots and skipped the other for now. She will get it another visit. She weighs 36 pounds and is 40 1/4 inches tall. I felt so bad she only got 2 shots but got stuck 3 times...he had the shot in and she pulled away so he had to stick her again to get the medicine in. It was the worst thing to witness. I was holding her and trying to get her to look away because she would see it comes and jerk away. After the doctor was done she looked at me and cried, "Mom, why did I trust him? He told me it would only hurt a little." The doctor thought that was pretty clever of her and told the nurse and the receptionist what she said! Needless to say she got an ice cream cone afterwards. My poor girl I hate seeing her hurt like that. At least it is over with and she is protected from those diseases.

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