Friday, January 07, 2005

Well lets see, we have gotten so much snow! Yesterday was J's first day off of his 3 days and I got to stay home because school was closed. So when we got up out of bed I bundled up GG and sent her outside where J was shoveling. She made snow angels and played in the snow while he shoveled. Then I got Monkey bundled up and sent him out too. When J was finished with the driveway he made 2 snow slides. Our neighbors gave the kids a tube to slide down the slide with. They had so much fun. GG was outside for over an hour playing and she wasn't cold when she came inside, I love snow pants and boots. Monkey was cold though he didn't have any yesterday but last night another neighbor about 3 houses down gave us a pair of boots and snow pants for Monkey to use!!! My favorite part of playing in the snow is coming inside and getting hot chocolate :) GG also had Awana Cubbies last night so she still had an activity instead of school so that was nice. When she got home she had the Bear "Cubbie" which means that she gets to bring treats next week for her birthday!!! She was so excited about getting to bring him home that she slept with him.

Today we had a snow day at school, meaning we took the kids outside to play in the snow. That was a lot of fun. Most of our time was spent getting the kids dressed to go out. I made sure to bring stuff so I could play in the snow with them. We made snowmen and a slide for them to go down. Then we had hot chocolate when we came in, YUMMY! Now we are at home, Monkey is sleeping and GG wanted to learn how to write her middle name and she has already mastered it in less than 10 minutes of working on it. So she can now completely write her name first, middle and last, Monkey's name and some other various words. Without help! I seriously wish I could freeze her at this age. She is learning so much so fast it is unbelievable, she just floors me sometimes. The other day she was in her room coloring and when she was finished with it she brought the page to me. I had to ask her who colored it. It was so good I thought J might of done it but it was her. I have never seen a child her age color so good and stay in the lines so well, it honestly looked like an adult had done it. I had her color me another page and she did the same quality of coloring...just amazing. J told her after he saw it that she was going to be an artist! But my favorite is when she draws people. She makes a circle for the head, gives them eyes, nose and mouth. Then makes them hair she gives them arms from the head and legs from the head and then colors in between the legs to make their clothes. After talking with her teacher I found out that her development skills on drawing are above the curve as well. Most kids her age don't have as many details in their pictures. It must of been the breastmilk she got as a baby. The studies have shown higher IQ's in breastfed babies!!!

Monkey is also learning how to write his name too. His fine motor skills aren't as fine as GG's which is fine because he is only 2 1/2!!! But he can write the first four letters and I think that is great. He loves playing with his trains and little people. He is the type of kid every mother dreams of...he can entertain himself! And I don't mean sitting him in front of the tv, he plays with his toys for hours at a time. He loves these dinosaurs he got for Christmas and the little people keep him busy too. I like to stand in the door to watch and listen to him play, he doesn't even know I am there! He is still sleeping in our bed and I really can't stand moving him when he is obviously not ready. Every night he falls asleep with his little arms wrapped around my neck. When he wakes at night the first thing he does is find my neck and wraps his arms around it and goes back to sleep. It is the sweetest thing in the world. You can only understand if you have cuddly children like mine. GG did the same thing but with my arm instead of neck.

Yum our house smells so good, we are having pot roast for dinner and the whole house smells like the roast. It is making me hungry.

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