Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Only 5 more days until GlamorGirl turns 4, I went to the party store on Monday with the kids and we had fun getting all the stuff for her party which is not for another 2 weeks. We had talked about doing a strawberry shortcake party but when we got there she wanted to do the princess thing again! So we are almost set for her "friends" party. So listen to this...Thursday she brings treats to Cubbies for her birthday which they will sing to her, Friday she brings treats to school (more singing) Sunday we are having her family party=more singing!, Monday (her actual birthday) she has ballet, tap and tumbling no treats but the teacher said they would sing to her :0 and then the next weekend we have her friends party. Wow what a blessed little girl! I also got her a button to wear that says I'm the Birthday Girl! Just in case you are wondering why she isn't bring treats to school on her actual birthday, get this there are 2 other girls in her class with the same birthday. It must of been a popular day to have baby girls! Yesterday I finally got out the playdough, it had been put way in the back of the kids' closet. Right now the kids are cutting, one of their favorite things to do! GG has been on this kick about making Valentine's, she takes a piece of paper and folds it in half and then cuts out half a heart. I'm just wondering where she learned that?!?! I know I didn't teach her that. Another thing I am really excited about is on Tuesday we are having another ultra sound done, this place video records it for you so we can take it home and keep it. I am so excited about that and so is GG. She had her hand on my tummy after lunch today and felt the baby kick for the first time. The look on her face was AWESOME. She was smiling ear to ear because her baby brother or sister just kicked her, hehehe. I don't think she will like that when they come out! Oh yeah the last two days the kids have let me take a nap, YAY! Usually I get them set up with something and they start bugging me 10 minutes later, can I have a drink, can I have something to eat, etc. But not the last couple of days they must of known how tired I am :) Well that is all for now, come back soon.

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