Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Bikin' Family

I don't know if I mentioned that I got a bike for Mother's Day. Well some friends of our have twins that are Monkey's age but when they were little they had 2 co-pilots for their bikes, which they gave to us! J installed the base on each of our bikes and we kept one of the seats. We just have to switch it back and forth when we take Red on bike rides. Yesterday right after J left for work I packed a water bottle, diaper, wipes, and a bike lock and the kids and I left our house. We biked to a park (approx. 1 mile) played for awhile then got back on our bikes and went to the library. We were at the library about an hour then we rode home. We are trying to build up the kids stamina for Disney! Monkey was struggling the last few blocks. It is so much fun for me to ride with the kids and it is exercise!!!

This morning Red got into my shorts drawer and pulled out all the clothes, just as I was about to correct him he started kissing me. How can you be mad at that?!?! It was so precious. Got to love the baby kisses.

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