Thursday, August 31, 2006

Tomorrow is SEPTEMBER!

I can't believe how fast these months are just flying by us. Today was J's first day back to work from his days off. We kept it pretty low key. J worked in the yard while the kids and I took a bike ride. Then I realized my tires were really low on air so GG and I rode to the gas station and filled them up. Now it rides so much better. When J left for work I packed the kids into the van and we ran some errands. Mainly ones that didn't require leaving the paying the mortgage and dropping off the library movie. We did go take care of the medical bill from Red's birth, I was a little upset about that because it has been over a year and they are billing us now?!?! Seemed a little shady but it wasn't very much so I just paid, I don't have time to check my recorders over so little amount. While we were there I decided to make Monkey an appointment for his 4 year check up...I know I'm a lot late but you know what they say better late then NEVER! It just happened that they had an opening right at the time we were there. So he had his appointment and ended up getting a shot. He was crying (making it so hard for me to follow through with it) before they even came into the room with the needle. I hate shots so I totally understand his protest to them. But I told him that I would take him out for ice cream afterwards. We had free sundae coupons for each of the kids so that was free. I did end up buying so ice cream to take to J though, that way we had an excuse to visit him at work :) Then he got a call and the kids and I went to a near by park. Now we are home and they have eaten. My friend is coming over for dinner so I will eat with her. Then we are planning on taking a walk for some exercise. About that time it will be the kids bedtime!!!

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