Wednesday, August 09, 2006

My beaten up baby...

It all started Sunday, we were outside playing and Red walked into the garage to get a toy truck. He fell and hit the side of his head on the metal part of the garage door. He instantly got a bruise. Then Tuesday morning I was taking a shower and he was standing by the tub wanting to come in. Normally I would have let him but he just took a bath and I was in a hurry. He somehow slipped and hit his cheek bone and instantly got another bruise. Then today we went to the park to play and as we were leaving he was walking on the sidewalk and he tumbled forward. He got a goose egg bump on his forehead and he scrapped his nose all up and it is bright red like it is bleeding. So he is walking around with 3 big bruises and a scratched up nose. We went to Wal-mart and the lady behind us in line says, "He looks like he took a tumble." J says, "No he got in a should see the other baby!" His humor :) I'm just glad that he doesn't need to get his pictures taken for a few months. We haven't gotten Monkey's 4 year old pictures yet because he kept getting cuts and bruises on his face too. What is with my boys?!?!

I love the fact that these last few days I am able to open the window and get a nice cool breeze through the house. J cleaned the pool yesterday and then I filled it up so the kids are about to go swimming. Then I can get some reading done while sitting outside watching more like listening to them! Well that is it for now.

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