Monday, August 28, 2006

What a Crazy busy weekend!

This weekend my brother and wife and their two kids went to my dad's house so we got to see them on Saturday. They live about six hours away so we only see them once in a blue moon. They have a girl Monkey's age and a boy Red's age. Since this weekend was so busy we haven't done much of anything around the house...which means that today was our day of playing catch up. We stocked up on our Wa-lmart stuff, got groceries and now we are doing laundry and cleaning the house. Not much else we can do because it is RAINING outside. We did crack open Monkey's new Buzz Lightyear game he got from my brother this weekend, for his birthday! It is a Jr Yahtzee game. Very fun! Red is vacuuming the living room with the toy vacuum, he is so much fun. Mr. Personality!!!! Well time to make dinner on my new griddle. First time I am using it but not the first time it has been used. J tried it out to make sure it was safe for me...but hey I didn't have to cook then :) That is about it from this end of the world. Two weeks from today is the kids first day of school. This summer went way too fast for me. I have really liked having the kids all day makes me think about homeschooling. I know GG would not be happy if she wasn't in school. My little social butterfly!!!

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