Monday, August 21, 2006


Well that was an experience I don't think I would like to repeat! The outside noises were so loud. It wasn't the nature sound that bugged me it was the cars and planes. Then the ground was so hard I kept smacking my elbow on it when nursing Red, I had forgotten in the middle of the night we were not in our bed...oops.

Today was a good one though, even with the lack of sleep ;) I took Red on some errands while J did yard work and the kids played. We went to buy some baby gifts. Our friends from church had their first baby...HadababyitsaBOY!!! Then I got my prescription and Red was sleeping by the time that was done so instead of taking him to the last place I dropped him off at home because it was on the way and picked up the other two. This evening we went to the Forest Preserve and J fished and the kids rode their bikes while I pushed Red in the stroller and got some extra exercise. You know being a mom of 3, there really is never any down time so you are exercising your legs and arms and everything else ALL day long. But I love those guys so much. Funny story from tonight...when we got in the car I was smelling poop. But it wasn't Red cause I had just checked his butt. J suggested that someone might have stepped in bird poop. When we got home I checked Red's feet and mine. J then checked Monkey's and realized that there was poop on his shoes, leg and hands. So gross. The shoes went in the garage and he got wiped down with a baby wipe and then sent to the tub immediately, poor Monkey he always find the gross stuff!

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