Thursday, January 11, 2007

Can I blow on your belly?

This is Red and I's new favorite game. I ask him that question then he hoist his shirt up to show his bare belly. I then blow on it and he laughs. After the first time I ask him again and he says No. He is still a little confused about what yes and no means. I say, "Please." then repeats "pleece" and I say "yes" then he says "esh" then I blow again. And the whole thing repeats a few more times. After about 5 blows on the belly I stop, to which Red says, "gen" which means again. So I blow some more on that cute little belly of his. Sometimes I ask if I can blow on his cheek too. Well last night Red was laying on my bed and I started playing our game and daddy came in, he totally wanted in on the action! We switched off blowing on Red's belly. When we got too tired we laid down, one of each side of him. He then puts his hands under both of our heads and pushes them to his belly screaming, "GEN! GEN!" We were laughing so hard. We of course, obliged him with a few more belly blows! He is just too funny sometimes. We actually just got home from going to the Christian bookstore the kids love it there. At one of the red lights J gave me a kiss and Red's reply was, "Ewe, ucky!" I've noticed he has started saying that anytime he says people kiss, on the Disney movies.

P.S. After I posted yesterday I learned that it is national de-lurking week, which means that people who read your blog leave you a comment so that you know they were there. So leave me a comment :)


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