Wednesday, January 03, 2007


The kids had their second day of school today and I really miss them when they are gone. But I haven't missed doing their homework with them! Our bathroom is almost finished. We have to wait for the grout to dry then it has to be cocked then more waiting for that to dry. Once that is dry we can use our new shower. We are going to seal it on Sunday and then all we have to wait for is spring to pain. I told J that the glue smell was too strong and I wanted to wait until we could open the windows to do the paining, but we picked out the color. No need for our family to be high from the paint fumes :)

As for the rest of the day we are waiting for J to get back from court then we are going to do our errands and go to the school's basketball game. I think the kids are going to wear their new school shirts!!! But right now they are making crafts at the table while Red is sleeping. I do need to do their Awana stuff with them sometime today...

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