Friday, January 26, 2007


This morning we got up and had the kids get "ready" for school. Then we got in the van and clearly were not heading towards school. So we told them we had a few errands to run before we took them. We got to our destination and walked into the building and then to our seats. GlamorGirl was wide eyed and looking all around asking, "Where are we? What are we doing?" When we got to our seats we told her, "Do you see the ice down there? Well the Princesses are going to be ice skating on it." She was so excited. For the last few weeks Disney Princesses on Ice has been advertised on the local kids channel and she really wanted to see it. The best part was that we had already bought the tickets for her birthday present. I think it was the best surprise she has ever least her faced said it was! Monkey and Red enjoyed the show as well. It was a great family time and it just brought back the memory of going to Disney and seeing all those characters.

The rest of the day was pretty normal. Except that when we got home from the show our friend from church (an electrician) had put lights in the living room and a switch in the kitchen for the garbage disposal. That was great excitement for step closer to getting my Christmas present from last year put in the kitchen.

Tonight we had girls night out. My friend came over and we took the kids to the sitter then headed to our other friends house. I ate so much food tonight I thought I was going to be sick. It was a great time hanging out and just laughing with those women. I talk to some of them on the phone at least once a week but getting to hang out is just so much better! We didn't get home until almost 11pm which is extremely late for the kids and myself. But I knew I probably won't be able to sleep if I didn't get all of these things out of my head and on to my blog.

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Tonya said...

What a great surprise for Brae! Hope y'all had a blast!
Glad you got to have some Mom time....I spent last night and part of today with no hubby and no children - whoo hoo!