Sunday, January 14, 2007

A little confused!

We are watching the Bears game and GlamorGirl says, "Do we cheer for the Bears or the White Sox?" Sorry Joe, my dad is a *huge* White Sox fan and she sees him more. We explain to her they are two different sports and we cheer for both, plus the Cubs! Then Monkey says, "He shoots...he scores." Um sorry buddy wrong sport, but nice try. They are too funny sometimes.

So Red has moved to a Big Boy at meal times, he no longer sits in a highchair. He won't even sit in one at a restaurant. There have been a few mornings I have given him something to eat at the table then went to help the other two get ready and he comes walking down the hallway. At first I was like "how did he get out of his chair?" but then I remember he isn't in one anymore. I just can't believe how fast they grow up he is almost 20 months old and he is saying 3 word sentences. His most favorite Hairy Compy bye bye. I count bye bye as one word. Which he is talking about his puppet movie Hairy and Company. I am so amazed by his communication skills just over the past few weeks and how he can relate to GG and Monkey with talking...and they understand him! I'll end because now I am just rambling :)

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