Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Wipe OUT...

So this morning I took the kids to school because J had guitar lessons which meant I had all three. Well when we got home the garbage truck pulled up to our house to take the garbage...so as I was walking to the house holding Red (who weighs in at 29lbs) I was talking to him about the garbage going in the big truck and so on. I was at the end of the driveway about to turn onto the sidewalk when I go down. Yeah I wiped out holding Red, but I must admit I did it pretty gracefully. Red stayed in my arms the whole time as I cracked my knee on the ground along with the hand that wasn't wrapped around the baby man. I look up and the man says to me, "I've done that a few times today." That was pretty embarrassing, not to mention that my knee still hurts but I am so thankful that we didn't get hurt worse. Thank you Lord! I was a bit shaken by the fact that I could of dropped Red...he is HEAVY!

Right now I am listening to Superchicks the song "We Live" is on now and the kids are dancing. I must say that CD was a great buy. Tomorrow is a great day in our house...GlamorGirl is turning 6 years old. She still hasn't chose her lunch choice for tomorrow it goes between two places. She already has that indecisive gene at work in her :)

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sarahgrace said...

I love that "Superchick" CD too, definitely their best!
Glad you weren't hurt too bad. I'm surprised I haven't taken a spill yet with all the ice and snow around here- however, I've been super careful at the same time, don't want to fall while I'm preggers.