Wednesday, October 17, 2007

School Debut

Finally I took Peanut to school to show her off, of course! I first took her outside where GG was playing at recess (where she almost knocked me over from excitement), through the preschool to see Mrs. Sherry and then we walked to the other end of the school to get Monkey. We ran into Miss S. who GG has this year for 1st grade and she was so excited and wanted me to come up to her class but Monkey needed to be picked up and GG had already seen us at recess. Once I finally got to the Kindergarten wing that is where we drew a crowd, didn't think we were ever going to get out of there! Mrs. S. which was both Monkey and GG's Junior Kindergarten teacher was so excited to see her and then Mrs. R. who Monkey has this year came over. I haven't been to school since she was born so I got to talk to Mrs. R. (I wanted to see how he was doing in class) and she said she couldn't believe how night and day Monkey and GG are. Mrs. S. and I had both told her this summer that the kids were completely different but I don't think she realized it until she actually had them in class. She said they are both good kids and smart but their personalities are just so different! Man I love my kids. The funniest thing were all the moms that told me that seeing her makes them want to have another baby but that they are almost 40 years old, at least 3 moms said that to me. When we went to the preschool Mrs. Sherry asked if she will be getting Red next year and we haven't decided if we are going to send him yet. I had told her probably not and she was so sad. The main reason being I don't want to have to do the mid-day pick up (which she totally understood) but we'll see I am thinking if he does go it will only be 2 days and he WILL have Mrs. Sherry! So this is something that J and I have to really talk about because registration is at the beginning of January.

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Amber said...

I keep your page bookmarked so I check it every once in a while, too! I have to tell you - I was at a meeting last week for work and met one of your good friends...Amy Horton who works at Trinity Lutheran??? It was just too funny because we were at a dinner and she mentioned that she had a friend from Freeport, that's how we found out that it was you! What made it even more interesting was that we just connected again! Hilarious! Also...are you related to a Julie from the Galesburg area on your husband's side? I think she may have your same last name (married) and she would be married to a guy named Tim and live here in Normal. Just curious.