Tuesday, October 02, 2007


We have had each of our kids dedicated. The way our church does it is that we as their parents stand in front of the church and dedicate our baby to the Lord and ourselves to raising them to know and love God. We had GG dedicated when she was 9 months old, Monkey at 10 months and Red at 6 months. I am thinking with Peanut I want to have her dedicated maybe at 3 months but no later then 6 months. Well J and I have been looking for a dedication song and I think we have found one. I absolutely love it because I feel like it totally encompasses my pregnancy, birth and having her here. This is a video of her while the song is playing in the background and I am going to type the words under the video, sorry it is so shaky she wanted to be held! And if you have a baby and want to use this song for your baby it is by Chris Tomlin on his CD entitled "Not to Us".

With rain, with sun
With much, with less
With joy, with pain
With life, with death

The only things that satisfy come from You
They come from You

Everything that's beautiful
Everything that's wonderful
Every perfect gift comes from You

Your grace, Your heart
Your voice, Your touch
Your word, Your peace
Your hope, Your love

A thousand words could not explain
A thousand worlds could not contain
Every perfect gift comes from You

It comes from the Father of Lights
It comes from the Giver of Life
It comes from the Heavens above
It's coming straight from Your heart
To the people You love

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