Saturday, October 06, 2007


Tonight was the first bath I gave Peanut. J has been doing all of her baths, which the first one Monkey recorded and the second one I took pictures of but no pictures from tonight's bath. I forgot how sore my back gets from bending over the tub.

Today we took the kids to this HUGE store called Cabelas it is an outdoorsy type store and it had tons of stuffed wild animals and big fish. The kids were wide eyed throughout the store. It was funny to me because people were noticing Peanut and commenting on her as much as they were saying stuff about the animals. I don't think I can count the times I answered the question "How old is your baby?" I loved the fact that she was so content in my maya wrap and either slept or looking around. I will leave you with a few bath shots I took.

Want to add that there is another really cool contest going on over at 5 Minutes for Mom they are giving away a DIGITAL camera it is pink for Breast Cancer month! Just click the link to read more about the prize and to enter yourself. It is so easy you just have to write about it on your blog like I just did!

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Anonymous said...

She's so pretty!!!

How is the nighttime going?

My hubby would be in heaven at Cabelas. The next best thing we have is Bass Pro Shops and there isn't one very close yet either.

Have a great Sunday!