Saturday, September 02, 2006

A kind of sadness today...

It is 10:20 and I just got done making rice crispy treats for tomorrow's church picnic. I'm making that way too late. Anyways, I am trying to keep my self awake for when J comes home tonight so I can tell him goodbye! This morning J woke up early and cut the grass and I got the kids ready then we played outside and recorded the kids on the video. We got GG riding her bike super fast, standing up while riding and not using her feet! That was funny she had her feet in a spread eagle while riding down the sidewalk. Then she showed off her jump rope ability. Red grabbed a jump rope and tried his hardest to do what GG was doing...too cute. We got Monkey playing like he always does. I tried to capture Red's walk, when walking he swings one arms uncontrollably and the other just stays put. It is really funny to watch. Then we took a family bike ride, I am so glad I got a bike because that is one of my favorite things to do with the kids is ride our bikes together. We took them to the school down the street and let them ride around in the empty parking lot. We looked like a family circus on bikes. We were riding towards each other and giving high fives. It was a blast, I highly recommend it as a family activity :) Then we went out for lunch at the Pancake House. When we got home J rearranged the van for me and got it all set for me and the kids. Then he left for work and I started the daunting task of writing GG and Monkey's name on all their school know each crayon and marker and so forth. That took about twice as long as it should of because I didn't do it while Red was sleeping. He had fun playing with their glue sticks. He loves to be in the action, I'll tell you. Then we went to church at 5, the main reason was because GG's school teacher was teaching her class. She has been super nervous about going to this teacher, she knows her but she has never been in her class. The only experience she had with her was on the playgroup at recess a few times a week last year. Well needless to say she is super excited about going to school now and LOVES her teacher. We kept telling her she would like her but I guess she needed to see for herself. Mrs. R's oldest son was in J's class and J has known her a long time. She was actually the first person who know we were engaged...long story won't bore you with the details. Moving along, before we left for church I packed a picnic dinner so that afterwards we could meet J at a park and spend some time with him. He was able to take his dinner break at that time too which was an added bonus. When we left him we came home and the kids went to bed...not to sleep but at least to bed. I'm afraid GG is going to have a rough first week of school. She was awake until 10:15 tonight. She went to bed at her normal summer bedtime of 8:30 but just won't go to sleep. She is going to be in for a shock when she goes to bed at 7:30 come school time. Heaven help us!!! Well that is all I can think of to write, I'm going to go email because I have about a half an hour or so before he walks in the door :)

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