Saturday, November 25, 2006

All about the GlamorGirl!

She has been cracking us up lately. Today we went to church and she was telling me about a game they played with the 1st and 3rd graders...she's in kindergarten. I said, "The 2nd graders didn't play?" I thought that was a bit odd that all the other grades would play except the 2nd grade. She looks at me and says, "Well actually mom all the graders played." It was just the funniest wording.

Tonight before J came home I asked GG to call him and see if he was going to eat what I made or what he had taken to work. She simply asked, "Are you coming home" ...because she told me "he was in the middle of a fight. You know, that he might have to hurt someone and kill them." So when he got home he clarified the fact that it was a fire not a fight and that he doesn't kill people. He was a little more elaborate with her about what he does at work but at her level of understanding. We both got a laugh at the fact she thought he would answer he phone while fighting with someone.

The last of the stories and I believe it is the funniest! We were at the library coming home and this is our conversation.

GG: "Mom, did you know that when dad was a little boy he had a dog just like my cousins dog, Autumn?"
Me: "GG those are not your cousins...
GG:(interrupting me) "oh yeah I mean my uncles. Well daddy had a dog like theirs and one day grandpa was mowing the grass and he left the gas can out. You know, the jug that holds the gas for the lawn mower."
Me: "Yeah"
GG: "The dog started drinking the extra gas. Guess what happened to the dog?" She was completely serious at this point, almost looking sad.
Me: "It died?"
GG: "NOOO! It started running all over the yard and doing flips and going crazy. Then all of a sudden it stopped. Do you know what happened now?"
Me: "No, GG please tell me."
GG: "It ran out of gas!" Loud burst of laughter comes from GG because she thinks she is the funny thing on the planet.
Me: "Did daddy tell you that joke?"
GG: "No mommy it wasn't a joke, it really happened to his dog!" and that is what made it all so much more funny :) And if you know her personality you know that she was quite animated the whole time while telling me this story.

Oh another one I just remembered J was looking up the lyrics to one of Michael Jackson's songs and his picture came on the computer screen. She asks, "Is that a boy or a girl daddy?" I wonder that half the time :)

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