Monday, November 27, 2006

Back to School they go...

The kids are back in school today and it seems so quite here. They were so excited to see their friends which is a good thing.

Yesterday we went to church and then spent the afternoon with my in-laws. In church they had some puppets so we let Red stay and watch before taking him to the nursery. He yelled "Pup-peets!" while pointing to the stage the whole time there were up there. Then when they left he repeatedly said, "Bye Bye" while waving. I had to take him out of church because he was being to loud...they didn't take the stage down so he thought they were going to come back. During the service the puppets went to Children's church where GG and Monkey were.

The puppet people "The Windles" came back for night church so we brought the kids back. They loved it. They had the kids that were in Children's Church to come up and help them with a song they taught them in the morning. GG and Monkey jumped up and when to the stage. The lady behind us was the kids' Sunday school teacher and she says while they were singing the song, "Too bad GlamorGirl isn't animated." She was cranking us up with her facial expressions, such a ham that one is. Monkey just did the motions like all the other kids! Of course, Red was in heaven seeing ALL the different pup-peets! He did get scared when one of them screamed but then he was ok once he realized they stay on the stage!

In keeping with the goofy things that GG does after I posted about her, J and I were laying in bed talking and all of a sudden we hear..."I'll just I'll I'll just...I'll just." Then J says, "You'll just what GG?" It was silent, I guess she was sleep talking:)

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